4 Natural recipes to increase your body weight

4 Natural recipes to increase your body weight
4 Natural recipes to increase your body weight
 on this page will answer you about the question  how to increase body weight naturally ? ... and , Suffering of many women from the problem of the thin natural of others, which reflected negatively on the body, erasing gains their womanhood, denied themselves from the clothes of the beautiful fashion because they are wearing only loose clothes, for fear of showing the volume of natural physical scars

some factors the emergence of thin sick

parasites in the intestines of

anemia or anemia

in the case of checks to make sure that these thin unusual remember some of the prescriptions

that "in this article are proven recipes and effective without damage to health.

 frist recipe To increase your body weight 


Alam Simsim floured blotch

milk a local center

many chocolate milk


we dissolved cake, and take cooker under soft fire and the milk center, we move the milk until the checks, add to the dissolved scraps chocolate, sesame .roast confound, everyone is well until we get a paste take 1 tablespoon after each meal وستلاحظين an increase in weight within one week.

 second recipe To increase your body weight 






2 tablespoons of fennel

Al-tamer mushy British food

half cup of olive oil


We toast , almonds, sesame, linseed, fennel and then bring these. The components in an electric blender with nuts

take a pot and put the mince mix with respect for the standards of any 2 tablespoons of each component and to add to the dissolved chocolate, olive oil, faba bean mushy British food, confuse the components until we get the harmonious mix take 2 tablespoons before all breakfast, lunch, dinner, for a period of 6 months.

   The third recipe To increase your body weight 

ice rink components



1 tablespoon fostok a

raisin in the


we mix arena, Tal El-Zaater, pistachios, raisins in an electric blender, confound honey and take 2 tablespoons in the morning and dinner and you will see the difference in Week

   The fourth recipe To increase your body weight 

components of the

many Herb

Half a liter of milk

or sugar honey


take  put milk until boils, put a pot and the many confound sugar well, until the mix in the form of  take 1 teaspoon in the morning and dinner.

Other ways to increase of weight

addressing the arena with a cup of water a day

to 3 pieces of the tamarind switch with the cup of milk full-cream milk

maximizing of nuts: nuts, figs, currants almond,

in the main meals, should be available on starch, protein, vitamins, mineral salts with avoid exhaustion after each meal.

In the snack bar: the avocado is indispensable useful aromatherapy, thermal units high, natural honey indispensable high carb diets and warrior inflammable, dry fruit availability on Much Fructose.

The bread whole wheat, milk, cheese and whole milk, olive oil, olive

oil mixing the arena and castor oil and then are considered the area to be overweight to

avoid of concern and tension and nervous disorders.


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