chocolate diet weight loss without starving

chocolate diet weight loss without starving
chocolate diet weight loss without starving
What is the chocolate diet ? Two contradictory, most women loves chocolate all kinds, but to maintain the increasingly common brain affliction, health, deprived themselves from the enjoyment of chocolate to reduce weight.

But what should be understood madam that not all types of chocolate may ruin the system of dietary relating to you

there are three types of chocolate was the most heavily traded issue:

- Dark Chocolate: contain 70.). Of cocoa, vanilla, Little sugar, free from fat, the higher the proportion of cocoa beans increased the nutritional value of this type of more species health benefits

- scraps chocolate infrastructure: contain a high proportion of fats, sugar and milk with a small proportion of cocoa

- White scraps chocolate: No containing cocoa, only milk high fats and sugar, and therefore they are consumed at least because it less useful

The health experts and agility to the importance of dark scraps chocolate to give food balance of the body, as well as good element to follow the diet or dieting loss after kilograms without frustration, given the availability of Flavonoid ,  vehicles and types of antioxidants attributed the few sugar as well as Tryptophan  neurons in the cocoa beans, allowing in stimulating racist mentalities required to reduce depression and all of this material and the factors contribute to the bridging delicacies.

- some useful information in the chocolate diet :

- When the accursed followers scraps chocolate for 7 days you've lost madam equivalent to 2 kg in the week

- the consumption of dark chocolate about 10 kilograms daily accompanied by guidelines recommend a few food milk and sugar

- keep away from eating scraps chocolate at night so preferred in the first hours of the day by calculated burning fat

- sports like walking, including approximately half an hour daily

- drinking water by big

- respect for the time each meal and snacks with the use of black bread, toast by low sugar, milk Low-fat, dry fruit and diluted, grain and grilled cuisine

- an example for its luscious chocolate Diet :


for scraps chocolate cake can you madam to change ways taken but to be of a type of dark scraps chocolate every day one of your choice.

- National Division of the piece of the volume of 10 kilograms to three equal parts between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

- National dissolved diabetic and vegetarian chocolate over fresh fruit.

- Add dark cocoa milk to low-fat diet preferably cold.

- Breakfast

- cup of milk low-fat diet and one fruit

- a cup of tea or coffee without Sugar, toast

- Goldfish Minus Transfatty

- boiled egg with a piece of bread Asmar toast

- Lunch

- Grilled fish with exclusive authority and a choice

- 150 grams turkeys evaporator or barbecue lunch with the authority of tomatoes.

- a soup Adass or soup wrapped with the authority of the vegetables.

potato grilled  with slices of pepper spray and 4 beads lemon islands.

- Dinner

- the authority of boiled vegetables and apple

- a few soup salt

chicken soup with a banana

- Wheat chips with cheese low fat

- a fruit or natural 


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