Potato Diet to lose weight without starving

Potato Diet to lose weight without starving
Potato Diet to lose weight without starving
What is the potato diet for weight loss ? Many of us believed that the potato is not included in the list of slimming rigor foodstuffs, and help increase of weight only.

But the difference lies in the way of cooking, accursed intended potato, boiled potato in water without the addition of salt.

What are the components of the potato diet for weight loss?

The potato intervention within the vegetables to the importance of good food availability to potassium permanganate, calcium, copper, phosphorus, as well as vitamin C and the existence of materials to help cushion the fats in the body,

what are the conditions of the slimming on potato diet for weight loss?

Slimming system madam in a manner Potatoes may help you loss of approximately 5 kg in the week,

depending on your application's achieved the following conditions, agreed upon at all the accursed doctors and health

- boiled potato in water without the addition of salt and not cooked in oil

- this is followed by a diet one week only then followed by another system

- to keep eating with boiled potatoes for 3 consecutive days at least

- to avoid add spices on potatoes

- Day 1, 2, 3 and 4 are eating potato boiled with distributed to lunch and dinner, without .entering other vegetables

- Day 5 required dealt with another type of vegetables with boiled potatoes according to taste madam but there after the exceptions in this program dieting.

- Vegetables forbidden fruit sweet potatoes, al-Durra, dessert

- regarding the fruits figs, vineyards, banana, mango, Al-balah, cream
- Day 6 Add the authority of Khedr green by choosing the option, lettuce

- the last day or 7 should be dealt with potatoes with an egg

- for example Potato Diet :

Select each day a meal at your taste madam

- Day 1, 2, 3, 4


fruit juice without sugar and a piece of cheese

cup of coffee without sugar

green tea Asmar bread, toast,

cup of milk skim complicates free from salt


250 grams of boiled potato without salt green ,stewed

2 small pills of boiled potato octupus grilled

chicken was issued, boiled boiled potato with few olive oil and boiled chicken


boiled potato with olive oil and a piece of cheese

small dish of rice with boiled potatoes

- Day 5


authority pepper potato soup ads , fish vaporizer apple juice,


2beads boiled potatoes and Kobe green tea

- Day 6

lunch the

authority of tomatoes and 2 pieces of potato


potato soup, cheese and the authority of Khedr Green

- Day 7


potato salad boiled egg laid by Goha's cockerel, toast and


2 tablets of boiled potatoes and lemon juice without sugar


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