A story that happened with one of the farmers

A story that happened with one of the farmers
A story that happened with one of the farmers
A story that happened with one of the farmers

in the mid 1990s intended decided to plant crops genetically modified

, of course, is taken that decision after he heard that all what is the rate of genetically modified, gives ample production fat .says I went to visit Gary farms, telling him to, what he took me to his field, appeared to show me what was discovered,

he said there are different kinds of insects when approaching those plants absorb hybrid food dies in the case.

In witness whereof started peel neighbor some papers of maize to see inside full of insects slain woman.

Complement the farms, he says:

then confirmed that the embargo that food should feed according to, not to kill.

This story indicating the extent of the damage that occur as a result of the amendment in the genes imposed by a global criminal in human right to name Monsanto, and because of the bureaucratic capitalism dominate it silences poor mouths demanding the right to stop escalation in our lives.

Many European countries, as mentioned in the previous articles, they were able, with the help of the people concerned about his health, to express their voices to those concerned in order to prevent them from genetic engineering with dining.

Other countries also reported started to refer to serves the genetically modified so that they can choose the best,

even they care about to forget about shampoos other cleaning materials and Hair dyes and Koraimat cities, not containing such materials to maintain themselves and the environment.

Also yielded to America under the claim of their peoples and will begin the education of genetically modified.

Either we are unfortunately still unscrupulous employers who in our health and the health of our children, who did nothing except that they were born in time dominated by greed and a disregard for the lives of human beings.

Guilt is not the fault of those greedy beneficiaries of funds, but our misdeed we who bow to them our heads to do us what they want.

In the article next year will bring you prove harm genetic modification, wait for me.

! messages of the ministries of health and agriculture and food and medicine to listen to the voice of objection, to reason we live in harmony with nature.

Sorry because I am compelled to tell you the news is not cheerful, but the fact that trying to obliterating us .i see danger is imminent, so I ask you to stand in the way of silence

repose safely dear


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