Believe it or not: occur monthly session men also!!

Believe it or not: occur monthly session men also!!
Believe it or not: occur monthly session men also!!
In some cases the men feel mood changes so severe at a particular time of the month, to our surprise, does occur monthly session of men also?
Answering that question, we consulted with expert Varnado Yael, to learn how to act men they had monthly session, his dialog as follows:

- does occur monthly session men?
Of course not occur monthly session for men as a result of the uterus egg production with the aim of inseminated, but some subject to what is known as the monthly session masculinities (acquired agitate men).

The men face a severe decline in the level of the hormone testosterone, which makes them symptoms similar mood monthly session to women. Those monthly session could occur at any time, where that hormone testosterone fluctuated during the day, but tends to be higher in morning and falls throughout the day.

- but what cause a decline in the levels of the hormone testosterone injection?
There can be many factors, starting from the strain of the change in the diet, anything can affect the levels of the hormone testosterone to men, which leads at the end to the monthly session of masculinity. It is worth mentioning that they face the same mood changes occurring in women during the monthly session, particularly those regarding the positions and the psychological and emotional.

- What Happens When faces man monthly session?
Man may be more anger and changeable mood, as well as the growing concerned depression and consists had less confidence self-esteem and appreciation of low self-esteem.

- what women do when her husband comes monthly session?
On women to speak with her husband if the sadness and fanaticism, but they must also speak with the doctor in that regard. The doctor can it is recommended to change the diet of the easing of tension, or medication and Koraimat cities hormonal contraceptives or any of the treatments and other medicines if necessary.

Our advice for if your husband faced such a situation or felt that in the days of its monthly, you must give little comfort in everything, especially in a sexual relationship, which is what we are doing in the days of the month.


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