causes of belly fats and how to lose belly fat fast

causes of belly fats and how to lose belly fat fast
causes of belly fats and how to lose belly fat fast
Many girl or woman  complains of the problem of  belly fat , and they search to find the best way to lose belly fat and hiding these ,  I think to get rid of belly fat  is important ,   It is for this reason that we write this topic  about , the most important causes of belly fats  and how to lose belly fat fast  on this page will talk about ways to lose belly fat for women and the fastest way to lose belly fat for men and how to get rid of lower belly fat   .

The main causes of belly fats :

1. Dining nourishing many calories.

2. Dine in greater quantities of our needs and the needs of the bodies.

3. Having Fatty Meals which take considerable time in the digestion, where is that the more the presence of eating in the stomach, the more the pressure of the belly fats on stomach muscle injury and belly fats  .

4. Drinking cold water and other while dining or beyond directly which increases the difficulty of the digestion process for two reasons:

a) drinking water while dining reduces the stomach acids responsible for digestive.

B) dealt with cold drinks in general food Cools, thus increasing the period of his stay in the stomach by the requirement of the body to heated first.

5. The lack of movement and irregular workout.

6. Continue to eat until late even before sleep immediately, these are the reasons for the need to stop food before sleep duration of not less than 3 hours ago relating to:

a) because the muscles sleeping person be loose which lead to increased pressure on the stomach muscle injury under the lack of resistance of the muscles.

B) The second reason that the lack of movement leads to food to storage.

7. Non-dine for a long time, and it is for this reason that forced the majority of programs, regulations, diet and healthy increase daily meals for three main meals. This is because the presence of blood sugar is one of the most important key indicators in the sense of Fool Your Body Into Feeling Full. Thus a person eats a lot of food during the meal without feeling Fool Your Body Into Feeling Full to become familiar with the speed in dining. This is because the food it takes approximately two hours until it reaches sugar to blood, it is recommended that a dessert or fruits at the beginning of the meal.

Do u found ur yourself you have many bad habits above? We advise if to stop immediately the follow these habits, and implementation of these important tips to help get rid of belly fat .

 Important advice  to get rid of belly fat :

1- 5 small meals a day instead of dealing with the three main meals to hide your feeling hungry throughout time.

2. To ensure the nutritious food and useful with elements of integrated food instead of the traditional cuisine of the rich and useful caloric unnecessary.

3. The Natural Yoghurt benefit to facilitate and accelerate the digestion process.

4. wonting permanently on the suction belly this help to strengthen stomach fat  and increase its efficiency to create a reaction to pressure the  belly and then  burn belly fat .

5. Stop the main meals before sleep duration of not less than 4 hours to stop eating the full length of not less than 3 hours before going to sleep.

6. avoid addressing rich foods calories manufactured with the articles of the portfolio to the extent possible, whenever you eat more natural whenever your health best generally.

7. When dealing with beans must be beaten in a blender before taken to facilitate the digestion process which reached force designed to increase pressure on stomach muscle injury and then  lose belly fat fast .

8. Care for breakfast which must contain these elements:

a) a glass of water preferably plus 1 tablespoon honey solve the carrier for many of the basic needs of the body fluids and close throughout the night.

B) The Aquarium or the honey bee because the honey liver plethora directly from the esophagus and therefore the provision of sugar faster to start the liver ousted.

C) Addressing the fruits of fresh fruit or juice and fresh vegetables for the vitamins and minerals necessary for the work of the organs of the body.

D) addressing bread and cheese to break the extent of hunger and Fool Your Body Into Feeling a Full sense of long hours.

E) after this meal duration ranging from two to four hours should be dealt with in other meal containing fat which can be obtained from the vegetable protein or animals or one of dairy products.


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