childhood obesity causes consequences and management

childhood obesity causes consequences and management
childhood obesity causes consequences and management
Obesity is to increase the fats in the body and causes due to various factors, including the failure to carry out the activities center properly and move away from the proper nutrition, there is also a hereditary factor and psychological problems.
And complications of childhood obesity to be harmful to the child's health, as is the case with the person, and showing these effects in his childhood and after his arrival to adulthood so that we now on this page offer for you childhood obesity causes consequences and management .

-    we will show you the following are the most important childhood obesity causes :

- the imbalance of calories in the body:
And this happens as a result of eating the child breakfasts have calories many of an estimated the body to incinerate all causing   the fats in the body.
- Genetics:
A child overweight sometimes due to the disease is hereditary happens in the endocrine or one of the parents or relatives of the immediate suffering overweight.
- chemical drugs:
If the child infected with makes it deals with a chemical drug such as Epilepsy medicines or IUPAC
. It would lead to an increase in weight of his body.
- away from the practice of physical activities:
children currently prefer the Games which do not the exercise in which the movement such as computer games or mobile phones and this will lead to failure to burn calories properly leading to the   body to a body fat.
- Psychological Disorders: 
it may be the general climate in which the child is living, the unstable leading to being psychologically traveled to unload repeatedly tenses and concern in the eat more leading to increased the weight of his body.
- Eating harmful to health: 
the child may accept to deal with the fast food and ready-made clothes that have high rates of fats and starches and carbohydrates including soft drinks and serves french fries and aromatherapy fats, causing the acquisition of calories high estimated body being burned.
- and had been able to learn the start your child in the increase of weight and quit addressing this before the aggravation of the situation through your knowledge of these symptoms:
- shortness of breath.
- The difficulty of the movement and activities of the Center.
- Inability to wear traditional clothes easily.
- turn out to dine at rates more than natural.
- and increasing the weight of the child may lead to some complications, serious health to recall some of the following:
- Exposure to Aids Breathing stops during sleep less than air corridors in the back of the throat and starts in snoring loudly.
- Exposure to urination others of involuntary and satisfactory incontinence.
- Difficulty in focus and the performance of various activities and the incidence of physical tired continuously.
- Exposure to high blood pressure and diseases of the heart and arteries and diabetes.
- Injury psychological diseases which may produce the irony of paired him leading to its isolation.
- The difficulty of hiking and movement as a result of inflation hips and feet.
- Skin fragile leaving it vulnerable to infection and skin diseases easily.
- Males excessive growth of female endocrine disrupting substances such as the size of their breasts and female infection excessive growth of female endocrine disrupting substances such as hair growth in excess.
- can make your child do the following in order to get rid of weight increase body , childhood obesity  and primary care :
- an increase in the practice of physical activities such as sports exercises.
- the choice of snack food, health care, granted calories a few.
- removing the causes of psychological tension handling of the problems that cause.
Make sure your child protection since the intelligent and after birth so as not to hurt .


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