how to use cumin for weight loss ?

how to use cumin for weight loss ?
how to use cumin for weight loss ?
cumin for weight loss This is new site to you ,  Cumin is a herbal plant, does not grow throughout the year, the length of the poem 30 to 40 cm, is considered one of the most prominent of spices and which have the benefits of good health and well-known, are the seeds of rich in mineral salts: calcium, potassium, and sodium iron and protein, fat, and vitamins.

- What are the cumin benefits ?

- treating digestive disturbances, the beginning of the glands lymph Mouth

- gases processor bulges '

- secretion of enzymes pancreas, the material necessary to facilitate indigestion

- cardboard immunity, fats concluding the body of poisons bacteria

- Save oxygen textiles the body and gives the energy

- useful for treating kidney stones, asthma, arthritis

- splash of liver cancer thanks to the enzymes pancreas

- contribute to the composition of the regular monthly, and relieve the pain of Menstruation

- to lose weight and Diet Mogul

what is the Diet cumin ?

Enter the  cumin in the list of health diet because it operates to cushion the food of the body and the output of fats at a rapid rate and consequently lose weight spam.

It is one of the fastest type of diet and the same is true for all age groups and different from the rest of the food systems because it does not deprive the Madam of meals you love that erosion and not a regime of a single diet boring and

more useful when added with other spices like ginger, turmeric …etc. Help You Lose Weight .forecast more quickly.

- What is the method of diet being given?

- cumin and lemons


- ground cumin

- 1/2

- hot water


taking a spoonful of cumin and placed in Kobe, with the addition of lemon juice blend mix with warm water

then left to cool.

The use of this way before a meal at least 4 times a day.

It is undrinkably sweet before catching before sleep.

- Tea cumin with honey :


- cumin teaspoon freshly ground

- honey

- hot water


taking a spoonful of cumin and put them in the Kobe and poured hot water in the mix with the addition of the drop of the honey fit with before every meal.

- cumin and ginger cinnamon:


- cumin teaspoon freshly ground

- half a spoonful of ginger

- HALF A Spoonful of Cinnamon

- Warm water


Taking the components and mixing and reservation in a remote location to the mixture cools down

you can also save time and effort and preparation of large quantities of the mixture in a bottle and put them in the fridge.

- the steps necessary to follow the accursed Cumin :

- Drinking Cumin before each meal any 4 meals at least in today must be available every meal

- First Meal: should the group consists of vitamins and vegetal food as vegetables and fruit

- the second meal: proteins of meat, poultry, fish

- third meal: mineral salts such as calcium available in milk and milk products

- Fourth meal: starchy foods such as rice

- respect for drinking a glass Cumin before each meal with the duration of the meal

- diversity in eating for food balance

- much water at least 2 liters a day

- stop eating at night

- not ignoring breakfast

- Avoid dealing with snack bar

- exercise daily at least half an hour and Sport Hiking

- even in the case of dealing with a light meal and drink Cumin before eating

- as an example of the cumin diet :

drinking a glass of artisan cumin before or after the meal half hour

in breakfast of

tea without sugar or coffee and

milk complicates skimmed milk or fruit

lemon juice without sugar

in lunch

grilled green salad

chicken soup, cheese, the authority of the vegetables

grilled fish, the authority of the spice islands juice

before dinner

milk, yogurt

apple a


boiled potatoes and

rice eggs and chicken

soup ads


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