kind of healthy salad recipes for weight loss

kind of healthy salad recipes for weight loss
kind of healthy salad recipes for weight loss
kind of healthy salad recipes for weight loss was prepared and presented to suit all diet or a healthy diet or trying to amend some of the survivor assistance food and it's good as salad recipes for weight loss  , healthy salad recipes what distinguishes this salad as the salad of the rich and healthy food elements and poor caloric and fats, thereby benefiting the body without impairing the Diet and the observance in amounts better, it is not what is intended here is that this salad allowed enjoyed at any time and in any quantitative, but a wide range of powers varied diet to suit all tastes and avoid feeling bored grilled mismatch relate to reflate sauce to one of the banned most   diet plan each healthy salads were prepared for the different amounts and varied to suit all tastes, crisp text so that it can be replaced with a light meal. It must be noted here the importance of not to add the urgency to the salad because of the big difference in calories between added and add, as well as to stimulate the urgency of the body to store water and this is what we do not want. We wish that this group of the salad of the diet and love.

Olive salad

first: amounts of components of power:

olive green and black olives blew to segments of

lettuce segment to the

tomato slices sliced into small pieces

parsley finely

Secondly: how to prepare the salad :

moving all amounts with a little of lemon juice them to give good flavor.

best diet salad dressing

first: the amounts:

4 beads large pepper Har

3 beads cold pepper

2 pieces of tomato

1 pills eggplant-shaped streets show small

1 pills

olive onions segment to the segments of the

second: sauce:

1/2 lemon juice

1/4 olive oil

garlic clove 1 clove garlic

Thirdly: the way:

healthy salad recipes for weight loss
  are  All vegetables except tablets and eggplant, while   eggplant oven is then cut into small cubes to be added to the rest of the vegetables and put the salad sauce on the mix and then submit.

The salad of warm Diet

first: the amounts:

the amount of 2 cups finely chopped fresh Islands

2 glass of white cabbage finely chopped fresh

1/2 cup of oil olive preferably

4 beads boiled eggplant-shaped streets show sliced to long strips figure

2 teaspoon warm ketchup garlic

1 1 tablespoon of latency

green pepper Har

Secondly: the way:

we in this salad mix all the amounts and components with some and then be mobilized in the glass bins sealed and placed in the fridge with need note that this is one of the most famous diet salad the most widespread, particularly among the people who love the salad lane.

tuna vegetable salad recipe

first: the amounts:

2 Tuna Case White Bethlehem

1/2 Kobe peas blini;
1 pills green pepper sliced

1 pills finely chopped onions or sliced wings, according to the desire of

lemon juice full

1 teaspoon olive oil

secondly: The Way:

we in this salad mix all amounts together and then add olive oil and citrus.

authentic fattoush salad recipe :

first: the amounts:

4 pieces of tomato

4 beads of option

2 pills green onions

2 pills radishes

1 lettuce pill

1/2 cup of lemon juice

1 teaspoon olive oil

1/2 teaspoon al-Summaq

2 bread (as desired) preferably a segment on the checkboxes are small in size, skinned and roasted olive oil

1/2 bouquet parsley

1/4 a bouquet of mint leaves

Secondly: the way:

We cut all existing vegetable quantum to pieces in size and then in addition to oil , lemons  , Rhus and sprinkle mixed well and thus make bread, the theme, which could also be provided as an ordinary bread or without bread as desired. This is also one of the most famous diet salad the most common and widespread in the Arab world, especially in the Arab Gulf States.

salad of the vegetables  and Tahini

first: the amounts:

3 beads of option

3 beads fresh tomatoes (strong)

1 pills cold pepper

1/4 cup of are asking about halva

2 teaspoon anhydride

Basal Tabula with parsley and lemon trees

Secondly: the way:

first what we must do in the salad of the diet is that the cut option, tomatoes and pepper to small cubes in size and then to put all of these amounts in a bowl to position the onion parsley. After this we take a lemon are asking about halva with little cold water and moved lightly even blend as required. Finally, we are developing are asking about halva and vinegar on previous vegetables well fluctuation and progress.

salad of cheese and olives

first: the amounts:

200 grams of cheese

2 pills tomato sliced to cubes

black olive Segment

1 1 tablespoon olive oil

lettuce and Zaatar Adorne

Secondly: the way:

cut the amount of cheese to small cubes in size and blended with olives and tomatoes in shall be applied appropriate presentation in addition to olive oil with decorated lettuce slices and thyme .


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