missile diet for fast weight loss diet plan lose 20 kg in 35 days

missile diet  for fast weight loss diet plan lose  20 kg in 35 days
missile diet  for fast weight loss diet plan lose  20 kg in 35 days
The Diet and the name of the missile diet because it can make  fast weight loss diet plan lose  20 kg in 35 days  ,    also called the name The New Beverly Hills Diet  , most importantly in the missile diet that it fits many however diet . very easy and available in food program a lot of delicious foods such as Spaghetti pasta, bread and cream checks and maize and other foods and food which often be prohibited in the majority of programs, regulations, diet and could therefore be considered diet without utterance to some extent.

Designed by the Diet and the writer Judy Mazel, a 35 day as mentioned, what distinguishes missile diet also that prepared without the need to use the slimming pills or other medicines and drugs, the food program largely balanced, offering protein starch and vegetables and fruits, in this way, ensure that the sense of vulnerability or depression or alopecia and over the first week of the followers of diet lowers weight significantly and noted weight loss without suffering or deprivation of troubles.

The idea of missile diet  :

idea of diet and very briefly is a list of the work of enzymes in the body, where all the food group of three categories, namely proteins, carbohydrates, fats enzyme to help the body to scrapping digested them, but what happens when dealing with more than one category of food per dining disable all enzyme enzyme work of the other, and therefore are piled diffuses the body on the image of the grease, any that addressing the pasta and tomatoes lead the work of the enzyme successfully while addressing the pasta with cheese or steak disrupts the enzyme and, on the other hand, helping to exacerbate the food habits and lack of movement and other.

The second axis dieting around feed the body and good instead of starvation as is the case with many systems and programs and other diet, where that eating balanced health without starving the fat-burning more while sudden starvation body urged the body to store fat, most importantly that after the completion of the followers of diet and fewer opportunities for the return of weight.

Important instructions to Know Before following the missile diet :

1. Before following the Diet or other consult a physician or nutritionist to know how suitable diet, and follow-up should be with him to avoid any damage to health are the most important.

2. stay until you much water, at a rate of 2 liters of water or 8 glasses of water daily.

3. does not quit Add salt to food or authority or Rice or the water which cook salt is one of the most important causes of obesity and increasing weight to urge the body for water storage and fats.

4. avoid adding too much sugar in the case of having to be the least possible preferably gradually reducing the habit of the easiest.

5. allowed during the diet and add butter others salted egg and pepper Damun and maize.
6. The Authority intended to Green Zone, is the regular authority others added to urgent. Allowed Add olive oil on the authority or on the mix of the following: salad, served and Thom and Sesame oil and vinegar and black pepper.

7. When the meal open you can eat as you like as long as the erosion of the same food category but must be chewing food good. In the case of failure to mention the number of this means that the number is not limited but would prefer the restriction.

8. The pasta added the tomato Rayhan and vegetables but could not add cheese or steak, as previously mentioned the meal carbohydrates should not be confused with other meals to operate enzymes as required.

9. On sweets should eat all its components manufactured from one category such as torte moth ice cream and cream checks.

10. When the transition from food group to another must wait for two hours when the transition from fruit to, must wait for an hour.

11. On rice and vegetables must be frying vegetables three in few specialities including seafood oil oil preferred way but without urgent.

12. The soft drinks are not allowed during the missile diet, even of the kind the diet because most commercial products only affect the diet, if you are of the addicts a soda only allows you enjoy one every three days. For more know the agenda of calories.

Food group in Missile Diet :

Please save this page to your Favorites or copy the following information of asylum as a point of reference in the diet when needed and food are: the

First Group: Group of protein.

The meat fuels including minced meat.

Different kinds of fish and marine products such as shrimp crab seafood..... .

Milk and dairy products, yogurt, even richer Barolo (Rob).



The nuts butter nuts.

Desserts which consists of protein:

ice cream.

Karim checks.

Creme Bulee.

The Second Group: Group of fats.

Butter (butter).

The types of oils.

Regular precious dignified Shinawi maintained flapping and dignity.



The Third Group: Group of carbohydrates.

Divided into Carbs to simple carb carbs medium carbs HIPC are as follows:

First: Carbohydrates simple:



The mustard gas green.

Fastfoods are (mushroom).


Different kinds of herbs.

Seeds (Pumkin).

Celery salad.

Asparagus (already know what asparagus tastes like).

Secondly: Carbohydrates medium:

normal islands islands and the White House.

The Normal onions green onions (balls).




Cabbage or wrapped.


The beet.

Peas (peas).





Pepper fuels.

Thirdly: Carbohydrates HIPC (Top of carbohydrates):

Rice fuels.

Bread fuels.


The types of grain.

Wheat fuels.

Flour Al-asmar corn.

The atom.


The biscuits and chocolate.

The types of pastries.

Cakes and fuels.

The pancakes.






What if marred the diet in a certain stage?

To complete the missile Diet After spoil any day for any reason, you must follow the cursed four days from thus complement the diet of the day he has stopped.

1. The pineapple then pappaya then pineapple.

2. The only watermelons throughout the day.

3. barquoq then strawberries and then potato in the oven.

4. The only vineyards throughout the day.

It can also be the followers of the following in case you want to lose 2.5 kg and a half of weight.

The regime is addressing serves breakfast and lunch of the same type of fruit to be one type and thus be dinner of the food group one of the protein or carbohydrates which have already been explained.

The missile diet full :

first day:
first meal: pineapple
second meal: maize and authority of the

second day:
  breakfast : prunes
dinner strawberry potato in the oven

Third Day:
vineyard throughout the day,

day 4:
breakfast: apricot hair
lunch: the authority of
Dinner: pasta

Day 5:
breakfast: 1/3 pineapple
lunch: pappaya
dinner: 1/3 pineapple

Day 6:
breakfast: pappaya
second meal: Steak

Day 7:
First Meal: pineapple
second meal: authority
Day 8:
vineyard throughout the day (currants for dinner)

Ninth Day:
First Meal:  prunes
Third strawberry: chicken or turkeys

10th Day: the
first meal: apricot hair
II: pappaya
third: 1/3 pineapple

Eleventh Day:
nonesense throughout the day the

twelfth day:
first meal: dried apricots
II: sandwich avocado
Third: Three vegetables with Rice

Day Thirteenth:
First Meal:
Second vineyards: 2 banana finger the

fourteenth day:
first meal:
Second pineapple:
Third strawberry: Open the awareness of the

fifteenth day:
first meal:
Second pineapple: the authority of the

sixteenth day:
first meal: apricot dryer (the amount of one glass)
Second: pappaya
third: 1/3 pineapple

17th Day:
nonesense throughout the day

18th Day:
First Meal: tin
II: sweet from the
third choice: Bethlehem or source of protein

19th Day:
First Meal: mango or pappaya
Third pineapple: potato in any form the

20th day:
open consciously
protein source

today twenty-first:
1/3 pineapple
2 banana

Twenty Second Day:
grape or Cruz
reward before sleep

today twenty-third:
First Meal:
Second   : prunes
third choice: nautical dish or protein

24th Day:
1/3 pineapple

nonesense throughout the day

on the sixth and seventh session:
today and tomorrow ...
a la carte over two days.
Or training for two days the

28th day:
1/3 pineapple

29th day to day thirty-fifth (end of diet):
nonesense or vineyard throughout the day


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