the best exercises to make your stomach flat and how to lose belly fat

 the best exercises to make your stomach flat and how to lose belly fat
 the best exercises to make your stomach flat and how to lose belly fat
exercises to make your stomach flat and how to lose belly fat we offer that on this page , There is no doubt that the belly area is the body where to store fat, so suffers many, especially women of the presence of large quantities of fats spam in this region specifically which negatively affect the appearance of the body as a whole and the ability of movement.

The most important reasons for the accumulation of fats in the stomach to the lack of movement in the first place and then comes to the other factors leading to the emergence of a potbelly such as malnutrition genetic factors and other.

Usually   , complain Low-Carb Dieter's   programs diet of low weight without the appearance of clear and significant impact on burning fat potbelly area, this is self-evident because the dieting is not enough to burn body fat. Will not show the desired result without an increase in the movement and the practice of exercises losing belly fat  .

This is a review of the most important exercise losing belly fat which could be exercised at any time and in any place until the home and all of them have a high ability for diet potbelly and tighten the stomach for the appearance of the most beautiful and the health of the best in the simple:

1. exercise bike benefits weight loss :

exercise bike called this lab with this name being similar to the switch movement by bike, where rides a person on the ground and switch on air as if the passengers on board a motorcycle SME clustering and networking and hands tied behind the head a detailed and touched the right hand and detailed Left Man in conjunction with switch and vice versa. The lab exercises quickly medium for one minute then take windowsill lounge and complete the three rounds of the lab.

This lab is useful to tighten all the   belly muscles, where a comprehensive exercise to Slim Waists potbelly.

2. The exercise ball:

Required in this lab a table for use. Where a person to sleep on the ground fully with the extension of the Hands straight on the ground, and holds the ball with his hands and then about his hand by evacuates the ball back his body singles out again fully on the ground to retain the ball between his feet and then return it recognizes the ball from his feet to his hands, and so on.

This lab also comprehensive to Slim Waists potbelly and tighten all the  belly muscles, with the note that this lab too cumbersome for beginners so should not be exercised very much at the outset and separation between the exercise of the same lab for a reasonable period to give a chance for the motor  belly resting.

3. exercise superman benefits : 

Exercise this lab through lie on the stomach and lifting the body kicked and as if we will exercise pressure, but in this lab is sticking to the right hand and left foot on the ground to install the body and lift the left arm and leg, right to the maximum what we can but slowly and then reverse lab thus 15 once again four rounds between each round and one lounge.

This lab also is beneficial to all the  belly muscles until the side muscles, which do not focus on the majority of the exercises. This was called the name of the proximity of the form of the person the personality of super Mann's famous.

4. Exercise parallel wings:

Exercise this lab to lie down on the ground with the bending legs and install walk on the ground. And the exercise of this lab to extend hands straight so that the uniqueness of the ground fully and then we ascend the levels parallel using the  belly muscles with the installation of the lower half of the body to place. The three rounds of this lab number 15: 25 movement of each round as desired.

What is most important in this lab is that it focuses mainly on tightening the division of the top four muscles  belly as well as contribute to the fat-burning of the body, depriving it of the many calories.

5. The exercise touching distance:

Exercise this lab, lying on the ground and handcuffed behind the head and legs together Muthana near the joints of the legs of Sadr or straight up to a 90-degree angle for more difficult. And the exercise of this lab 15: 30 times, according to the ability and desire to three groups separates each group lounge.

It is very important in this lab it affects mainly on tightening woodcarving  belly muscles and bottom is the largest designated for the gathering of the fats in the body.

7. The exercise of a chair lift legs:

In this lab, you installed the hands on the holder and install the body and legs in Muthana near Sadr or straight for more difficult. And the exercise of lab according to the capacity of 15: 30 once again on the three groups separated them simple lounges.

As in the previous lab, adopts this lab mainly on diet potbelly and losing belly fat , especially the belly muscles in the basement. So this lab is one of the best exercises abdominal carving ever resorted to all who wish to obtain Baton tensioned and coherent.

Video: These are some of the exercises to make your stomach flat recommended practice also:


Important Notes:

it is not right to whatever you want in the speed of the losing belly fat that the exercise of all these exercises on the same day or even to exercises to make your stomach flat on a daily basis. The belly muscles are one of the thinnest body muscles must, therefore, lay fallow between one to two days at least and exercise over 4 of previous exercises on the same day.
losing belly fat allocated to strengthen the belly muscles and improve their appearance, but it does not affect mainly on diet potbelly fat in the case of hold the fats and lack of movement and limiting the whole matter to this exercise.
Without an increase in the movement, and improve the diet to add more protein and fat will not affect lab at the level of deployment of the belly , but he is losing belly fat . But if these exercises have a high ability for burning fats and blinding body many calories.


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