The best of diet to loss weight in a week

The best of diet to loss weight  in a week
The best of diet to loss weight  in a week
how to loss weight in a week without exercise at home  , Each   one looking for the best weekly diet the loss of several kilograms , we are pleased to provide in the slimming magazine this quick food system in which the loss of 8 kg in one week on average, depending on many factors, the most important of which is the extent of commitment to the next celeb behind a diet and the amount of the movement and the practice of Sport and scalability body weight loss and burning fat.

It is very important that we recommend we stress before the follow best utterance is the necessity of commitment to the Program of diet as without amendment to obtain the best possible result of diet body. Is not the intention here is starving the restraint or deprive the body of food elements necessary for each body, which often result in the counterproductive, but the objective is to extend the body elements important food to carry out its vital to the least possible calories Weight Loss rapidly the basic goal of this dieting fantastic motorway for events and to each of the willing to lose several kilograms in a short period of time being accursed. It is worth mentioning here to the need not to follow the diet for more than one week for not negatively impact on the health of the body and the rate of metabolism and vital operations by the body.

fastest way to lose weight in 7 days

The first day

during the first day of the best of the diet should be addressed only fruit and must not to eat anything but fruit during the first day of this rapid diet whatever amount of fruits that are dealt with at the preference for the observance and auditing. During this day of the Diet on drinking about 8: 12 a glass of water daily, even without the accursed followers that the system of food. It is recommended that the diversification of fruit items to be addressed while that the bananas all.

The second day 

second day of the diet is on vegetables, where this today to address the quality and quantity of the wanted from vegetables only, could be dealt with in a boiled vegetables, could be dealt with boiled potatoes in the morning and in the light of the continuing in drinking more than eight glasses of water a day.

The third day

during this day of diet and to obtain the best result diet must address vegetables during the morning and fruit during the evenings or vice versa. During the day and in the light of the drink a lot of water should be the prevention of potato and bananas to get the best as a result of burning.

On the fourth day 

first meal: 1 a banana 1 glass of milk.

Second meal: 2 a banana.

Third meal: 2 a banana 1 cup of milk.

A fourth meal: 3 beads of bananas cup of milk.

The fifth day

during the fifth day of the best of the cursed must address 6 : 7 pieces of tomatoes are distributed throughout the day in the drinking of about 12: 15 a glass of water. Must Be 250: 350 grams of rice for lunch, which is equivalent to 1 glass of rice.

The sixth day

the sixth day of this rapid diet to obtain the best result of diet body, should be the second day of the diet and provided a simple modification. This amendment is to add 1 glass of rice for lunch at about 250: 350 grams. Under the drinking of the largest possible amount of water.

The seventh day

during the last day of the diet and must be addressed in vegetables and rice with the possibility of drinking 1 glass of fruit juice for lunch and must be without sugar or the least possible.

As indicated by the accursed program presented above, is the accursed tough fast should not be followed for a longer period of 7 days to get the best possible result of arson and Diet Mogul loss of weight. Nor should be followed for the renewed without doctor ordered after taking the period enough comfort of not less than 3 days between the many movement and dining varied health condition check the affordable dining in order not to spoil the result achieved by the end of the diet.


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