The nuts food is the best food to increase your libido

 The nuts food is the best food to increase your libido
 The nuts food is the best food to increase your libido
The nuts food Ramadan known since the League which accept people bought in Ramadan me Islamic country, has been scientifically proven to have the benefits of health and nutritional they reduce total cholesterol and harmful and raise cholesterol useful "hdl stands for."
It is known that the rise of harmful cholesterol level which ldl stands for "" lead to infection implacably arteries.
At high cholesterol useful "hdl stands for" the low proportion of harmful cholesterol level which ldl stands for "" be the prevention of the heart of the incidence of angina and heart attacks.
As well as this also protects brain arteries from injury intransigent and protects it from clot infection bleeding.
As well as protect nuts cardiovascular renal syndrome peripheral populations as containing food elements to strengthen the immune system and protect the cells from damage and struggling with aging.
Almonds protect heart and arteries
British study that almonds as well as an important source of vitamins and minerals, the benefits of other health because of the activated traces of Hamida useful body.
Also reduces harmful cholesterol and contributes to reducing heart diseases containing powerful antioxidant as vitamin E" cardboard fertility anti-oxidization.
Researchers have found Americans that eating Almonds reduce noticeable decline of the risk factor coronary heart disease because of its components rich food acidification unilateral fatty saturated, which is believed to be responsible for preventive characteristics and health benefits when dealing with food.
The Almond features like the nuts on the plant fibers that reduce cholesterol and organizes sugar level in blood pancreas protects hardware from exhaustion and struggling plant fiber constipation and protects from colon cancer almond contains Vitamin "A-ED", which increases sexual energy and increases the sperms and improve its efficiency.

Nuts reduce Cholesterol in a study published by the Magazine Journal of "Clinical Nutrition" that the soy impact on reducing the harmful cholesterol.
This was confirmed by a study published in the Journal of the Association of malnutrition.
The study added that the nuts reduce the rate of the sudden death of diabetes patients who suffer from infection implacably coronary heart disease.

Hazelnuts treats cancer where researchers revealed in the United States that the hazelnut may represent an important source and tatty chemical active involvement in Drug Beats Taxol "ad hoc" for the treatment of cancer has provided the Ministry of Health and the amounts of money.
Researchers reported that the food in the hazelnut friend for the heart and arteries and as a source of Omega has. 3, which prevents blood clotting and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart and arteries diseases.
And nuts is rich with vitamin "E" antioxidant strengthens HIV and delays the manifestations of aging.
Contains vitamin B complex which has great benefits to the nervous system.
The nuts strengthen sexual ability and increase fertility:

It is known that the proteins consists of accumulated groups of the amino acids as researchers say from the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University that the nuts are not useful to heart because of the type of unsaturated fats - 3, but the content of the amino acid Arginine"" is another mechanism to protect the heart arteries.
The usefulness of that produces it produces composite gives "Nitric oxide", the article the effective working to expand the narrow arteries.
These scientific truth behind the discovery of a famous Viagra when was conducting research on nitric oxide to increase circulation for the heart muscle.
The scientists discovered that    energizes smooth muscles in the walls of the arteries of the cardiovascular and a member of the anniversary increases blood flow erection occurs.
Enter the amino acid this in the installation of the sperm means of the prostate gland and revives the sperms hyperactive and increases the movement and its ability to maneuver and the Movement for the vaccination of egg.
The vitamins numerous existing in the nuts to the increased activity of the nervous system of neurons nervous Stations


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