what is kiwi fruit health benefits ?

what is  kiwi fruit health benefits ?
what is  kiwi fruit health benefits ?
Kiwi fruit is a type of fruit value high health, kiwi fruit of the crust of the brown color pulp green, which usually contains 43,547 small black bear the interest rates could not be expected.
The Kiwi assets starts from China and Italy is one of the highest productive, and that what we talked about its benefits are filled with fruit share favored dealt with between the period of another. You these benefits:
medical benefits kiwi fruits:

- sweet fruit lime delicious and thus benefit the body in getting Vitamin [C].
- the seeds of kiwi carrying Zeta Java alternative uses of sesame, which is easy digestion and do not cause harmful grease body.
- Use rooted in medical treatment multi-including addressing with scabies and sensitivity in the skin.
- help fruit juice to address acidity in the stomach.
- to be flogged bean medical benefits in the elimination of worms especially Ascaris in the abdomen.
- addresses commodities her flesh of procedure itching anus hemorrhoids.

General benefits to the kiwi fruits:
says nutrition experts that the kiwi fruit is very rich in vitamin (c), and has also Kiwi 47,625 phosphorus and potassium permanganate, iron, and one of the most important benefits of the following:

The disposal of cases of severe cold.
Increase the ability of the body of self-defense natural biodiversity (means stimulating HIV when rights).
The resistance of circulation disorders.
Activate cells nervous tissues.
Help pleasant anemia.
Help to the revitalization of the rights of the general weakness and physical.
Assist in the digestion process.
Helps Reduce Cholesterol Rate in Blood.
Be whereby asbestos fibers cannot become airborne good material for securities.

The kiwi sweet taste to cure also, at the same time.
Repose in the safety of God.


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