benefits of bananas to lose weight - banana diet plan for weight loss

 benefits of bananas to lose weight - banana diet plan for weight loss
 benefits of bananas to lose weight - banana diet plan for weight loss
Bananas from the most important crops of tropical fruit in the world without a competing claimant, and plays a major role in the economy of many countries being high in world trade. Bananas are the most popular fruit and marketable among human beings at all because of the rich taste of the definition, and availability throughout the year and easy to store and transfer, worth large food which we will address in our subject .

Bananas plant, the scientifical herb is not a tree that in view of the fact that the plants consist of papers wrap-around some wooden not as trees, but the length of the leg between 3: 8 meters depending on the type of the plant.

Among the most important benefits of the bananas which is the subject of the characteristic, substantial role in  banana diet plan for weight loss , where experts confirmed that the bananas, especially in breakfast, helps the body to the hormone "Alchollstukenn ", which is in turn sends a signal of the nervous system bowel alert Fool Your Body Into Feeling Full and desire to deal with more food.

Do not stop the benefits of bananas to lose weight at this limit only bananas high capacity to prevent the heat sink certain types of carbohydrates which contribute greatly to the increase of weight, and banana has a high standard of resistant starch and potassium and fiber and vitamin C B 6 to strengthen the feeling of was pressed the stomach, as well as the high capacity to improve the processes of food representation digestive illnesses.

 As scientifically proven that the bananas activate the metabolic process increases the burning of calories and reduces the risk of excessive in dining throughout the day. Therefore   followers banana diet enjoy bananas orderly can lose weight in a healthy and fast.

banana diet weight loss

benefits of bananas to lose weight ,  bananas depends on losing weight for breakfast only permitting the person and enjoy three other meals throughout the day so as not to negatively affect the role of any of the organs of the body can be abbreviated table following a form of simplification:

first, breakfast: a glass of lukewarm water and eating banana required the sense of Fool Your Body Into Feeling Full. Preferably, the lack of adequate drinking water until it snaps sugar level in blood and delicious cuisine.

Secondly, Lunch: A meal wished to address provided into account only have a high degree of fats, carbohydrates otherwise intend not addressed only slightly.

Thirdly, Dinner: can also have a meal of your choice on the condition that the meal before 8 p.m. otherwise is dealt with dessert or uncharged ruins or the remainder of lunch. Preferably sleep early but not less than the period between the dinner and sleep 3 HOURS and sleep after midnight. The many scientific studies that there is a close relationship between lack of sleep in the evenings and increasing the weight.

Fourthly, a light meal: This Optional meal but preferred at the outset to be within the banana cursed so does not feel weak or frustration. This meal in the middle of the period between for lunch and dinner, 3 pm. It may be possible to address a small piece of candy instead to extend the body high carb diets.

The most important banana benefits for health

does not stop the benefits of bananas lose weight only, bananas high ability in the treatment of many diseases, such as anemia, it also very useful in cases of general weaknesses and stimulating thought and memory for children at the time of the study, according to the studies proved contain a good amount of phosphorus, but it is easy to digestion taqwa dental bones and pedicures. It also contributes to the banana building muscles and increases architectures, where the banana contains a wide range of minerals such as iron and calcium and many important vitamins body: A, B1, B2, B6, B12 varying ratios of vitamins C, D, E.

As that banana is useful for pregnant women and nursing mothers and can be taken in the form of whacked juice in a blender along with special milk for patients of severe intestinal tropical sores and intestinal infections this juice is very useful in the treatment of the problems of the stomach.

As scientifically proven through several studies that the bananas play an important role in the treatment of gout and revitalization of macroeconomic policies and treatment of scurvy, as well as its effectiveness in resisting the inflammation of the nerve gas, rheumatism.

Many of the other benefits that no mention in our subject, even the crust of the bananas proved to be useful if they were used fertilizer small plants, provide many materials useful to help grow better and faster.

Important Notes 

the increase in the period of the followers of the   banana diet by nutrition experts to reduce the proportion of the blood sugar this affects negatively on suffering from lack of blood sugar, and that this system is an encouraging sign of the exercise.

It must, therefore, consult a physician before proceeding to follow this program to lose weight in order to take advantage of the benefits of bananas without baffling maximizing the damage which reflected negatively on the public health of the individual.

There is a very low proportion of those who suffer from sensitivity toward the bananas it preferred the dependence on the cursed bananas or taken and is not recommended a lot of diabetes patients and liver, gravel, Gall only consult a doctor specializing.

Should the banana chewing well, particularly for children and injured the problems in the stomach so as not to cause poor digestion, it must also ensure that the maturity of the bananas, dealt with a green reduces the many benefits mentioned in advance.


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