advice on how to lose weight teenage girl

advice on how to lose weight teenage girl
advice on how to lose weight teenage girl   
In teenage girl which, attention must be wrong habits in diet and nutrition is a period of growth needed food ...

Food habits whom harmful to the health of teenage girl: 


exercise some adolescents in often some habits bad food products which
are reflected in its negative impact on the daily performance, especially they Omar requires that address
many vitamins and health food, and some resort to the diet is wrong
if they suffer from obesity and others overeat meals fast

follow the advice to lose weight teenage girl that make your life full of vigor and vitality:

*adopted exercise to do a workout in the daily life by study and does not jump between meals a breakfast, lunch and can take a quick snack after the times.

*has attempted to address the food on the table rather than on the toes and taste the flavor food and enjoy the time eating as much as possible.

*Avoid read or watch TV while eating.

*unremitting on sports and try to send good steps for half an hour daily
or participate in the swimming pool and institutionalizes beautiful form on the muscles.

*enjoy dairy products extenuating circumstances such as milk, yogurt, cheese and a natural house of skim milk or 20% of all the share of these products.

*Always eating chicken and wheel fat and rabbits
as well as fish and eggs.

*Addressing the fresh vegetables and freshly prepared international frozen and canned or the authority provided some oil droplets.

*Always check with the presence of one of these elements with every meal: bread and potatoes returning home, pastries and natural, rice, cereals,.

*water is very necessary with useful herbs tea and light.

*should not exceed consumption soft fruit three pieces on fats and
approximately 80 grams a day with 2 tablespoons or three of vegetable oil.

*must be the preference of snack rich in protein and iron and calcium vitamins such as vegetables and fruits on the fatty meals fast.

*Care to eat processed meals at home in the breakfast and dinner with food rations and the main body.

*drew attention to the drinks ghazi yet risk spaces and do a workout.
If you want to diet this diet of ( doctor feed):

a diet plan for a teenage girl:

breakfast hour:
a cup of milk tub without sugar or 1/2 tsp minibus only

breakfast: a
cup of Alcorn Felix, milk fat-free
2 their eggs boiled or 4 teaspoons fall
1/4 loaf of bread Asmar
a glass of orange juice
a piece of peanut butter in the size of the Venetian restaurants
1 tablespoon honey, solve or the aquarium

big dish soup without hearty
STEAK 100 grams or ¼ chickens 250 grams or 200 grilled fish or boiled eggs
big dish green salad, lemon or vinegar
applied average Khedr, 1 tablespoon olive oil
4 teaspoons rice or pasta or ½ loaf of bread

between food and Dinner:
2 The fruit of fruit
milk cup of fruit.

salad) applied average  favored)
50 gsm boiled potatoes or, ½ 1 tablespoon butter or transfer case the tray of pregnancy without oil
fruit fruit of permitted
¼ loaf of bread Diet Pill

advice on how to lose weight teenage girl

how to lose weight teenage girl

Adolescents need be above estimated at 2000 calories for girls and 2200boys.


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