Drinking water may help me lose weight ?

Drinking water may help me lose weight ?
Drinking water may help me lose weight?

There was a common belief that drinking water would help losing weight. many studies were conducted on this subject. in this article, I will be explaining and illustrating the water role in losing weight.

The relationship between drinking water and burning Calories

From a scientific point of view, drinking water would help losing more calories. Many studies have been conducted in order to highlight the benefits of drinking water. Many of them shown that drinking water can help losing weight for the fact that drinking water may increase a number of calories that your body burn. So many people have been increasing their water intake.

But, "How drinking water would help me losing weight and achieve positive results? "

One study suggested that people who don’t do sports exercise and drink  more than 1 liter a day are likely to lose extra 3 kg over a 10moth period.
However, with doing more sports exercises a number of kgs you lose would definitely change.
So the rule is:

Drinking water + Some sports exercises = more calories are burned  

Is drinking water before the meals would help more?

A lot of people are wondering what is the point in drinking water before meals. Here is the secret; Dinking water before meals claimed to be reducing people's appetite which will result in eating less.
Following a system of drinking 2 cups of water before each meal especially the lunch would help reducing the number of calories intake by 14% which will result in less weight gain.
So, the whole idea of losing weight by drinking water is a matter of having a lower risk of gaining weight. So, you have to understand that the process is not direct.No one loses 10 kgs ore more a month by just drinking a bottle of water. Drinking will help you lose weight by reducing your appetite and with doing some sport you will achieve positive results.   


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