In winter you should fight to stay in shape – Here is the secret

In winter you should  fight to stay in shape – Here is the secret

Winter is coming ! And we all know what winter means because a lot of times winter means diseases. the majority of people are likely to catch a cold in winter so you are.  Winter would make your stay at home spend your time watching TV and that's a big problem.  The question is " Are you going to lose all the progress you made at the gym or you going to fight in order to stay in shape  

  Are you really want to risk all that you made so far?

I know that you can't stand the idea that you return to the point where you just spend your time complaining about your shape !!  You have to take the responsibility to go to the gym no matter what happens . Weather condition could make you fat again. sitting on the couch watching television won't make you a model.

 Should I work while I'm sick?  And if not, so why?
The idea of going to the gym while you are sick is controversial. Some experts say that you should stay home until you recover. However, others say that going to the gym is not an obstacle for you to recover and maybe this would help you recover faster.

Here are the basis,
You should stay home if you are experiencing some serious symptoms like coughing all the time especially the one accompanied with blood,  having fever , cold and other illness and also when you are injured.However ,  if are not experiencing serious diseases . Then, you should go in order not to lose what you have been working on for months.

It is important for you to know that you have to take the "Safety " in consideration.  Always remember safety is First. Always remember  " You have no excuse for not going to the gym when you are capable of doing so".

Stay safe!
Stay warm!
Stay shaped!  


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