7 magic solutions for losing weight after pregnancy

7 magic solutions  for losing weight after pregnancy
7 magic solutions  for losing weight after pregnancy
After pregnancy  mother gain some extra weight that may affect the mother of frustration, especially with the prevailing belief that the post-natal period may not be which follow a diet because of the danger to the mother's milk and  breastfeeding, but we will present 7 magic solutions that can help you for losing weight after pregnancy and at the same time does not affect the breastfeeding.

Now, losing weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding is easy and don't worry about our site your health today don't have difficulty losing weight after pregnancy because we offer only healthy diet plan.


you need to walk from 20: 30 minutes a day, it is not intended to walk here running but comfortably walk, you can also use the comfortable exercise which effectively assists after birth.
The effort:

moving a vehicle children daily, with some specific situations you can take advantage of the lose weight, only be your body straight back away from the Arab Child around 6: 10 inches.

At the outset, maintain that the pace of the few hiking and my start in increase speed gradually, you can each time an increase in the rates of hiking the time which preceded it, with the repetition of this lab 3 times a week.


You are in need of proper nutrition, not you only but also your child, American study proved that children are affected by eating covered by their mothers during this period and are keen to eat later so ensure the selection of healthy eating and was useful and causes obesity at the same time, one of the researchers in the field of sugar diseases that eat candy in large quantities doesn't make you feel Fool Your Body Into Feeling Full but on the contrary makes you would like to eat the largest so it is better to rely on meal by all the elements of protein and fat health.

The ideas of light meals and delicious:

You can eat a piece of Turkey with bread Asmar, onion and tomatoes with orange and Kobe Bin low calories.
The Hamburger barbecue lunch with a piece of bread, apostasy Low-cal with lettuce and parmesan cheese.
An Integrated Power Food elements such as the authority of the delicious beans with delicious peaches in syrup.
Adas and the authority of the vegetables with pieces of the issuance of the grilled chicken.
Chauvin and cut with the addition of bin low-fat diet.
The Islands of a segment with chickpea.
Pending almonds and currants with a half cup of cold milk low-fat diet.
Asmar toast with cheese and low-fat diet.
Toast light with boiled egg.
Biscuits low-fat diet with a cup of milk.
A glass of yogurt with fruit

Do not operate your mind:

new mothers suffer tension, which makes them do not feel comfortable, disproportionally affects the hormones increases the secretion of cortisone in the blood which you want to deal with the huge quantities of food and lose weight so try to rest your mind and stay away from the things that may cause tension

Sleep must once your child sleep

of course, you have many snacks of a home where the laundry and ironing board care Belsaghir, ask your mother or your husband assistance and try to sleep, sleeping under an ITN helps you to get rid of tension and help to burn calories.

Go hiking

if the weather allows it you can pick up your child to one of the gardens and parks, which reduces the proportion of your tension.

Allocated 6 minutes for rest:

You can sit in dim light with enjoying a cup of tea cozy and decapitated concerts which reduces the proportion of your tension.


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