the difference between man and woman brain

the difference between man and woman brain
the difference between man and woman brain

Male and female brains

There was a common belief that male and female brains are different. However, today most people believe that although men and women are physically different their  brains are the same. But what about the science view on this?

A recent research suggested that maybe people were correct a long time ago. Male and female brains they do work in different ways which will result in having different abilities and different behaviors.
We can't deny the fact that culture plays an important role in influencing male and females behavior. However, Biology plays a more important role.

Differences are clear when we look at the abilities that someone could develop. For example, Girls seem to develop verbal abilities more and quickly than boys. So, girl seems to have more vocabulary than boys.

Scientists believe that the brain is the responsible for these differences in human abilities.
The brain is divided into hemispheres.  As young children grow  differences continue. More and more studies and researches are conducted in order to highlight the differences in abilities and behaviors between males and females.

One example of an experiment which shows one kind of differences between both genders is that children from both genders were given pictures of people and some objects and they were asked to remember what they saw in these pictures. The result was that girls remembered more people than objects however boys were able to  remember more objects than people 
This experiment justifies the fact that male children are more interested in toys like cars, tanks, and  trucks. However, girls are more interested in toys that resemble people in the actual life like dolls.

These examples show how different the brains of the two genders work and highlight some of the differences between both genders which could not be covered in one page.


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