Why should you masturbate ? What you don’t know about masturbating

Why should you masturbate ? What you don’t know about masturbating

Why should you masturbate? What you don’t know about masturbating
Have you ever think about masturbating as a healthy habit ??
There is a common belief that masturbating is a bad health habit which will damage your health gradually. However, we must look at the other side. In this page, you are going to be exposed to some shocking facts that you don’t know about masturbating.
"This is too good to be true? ", this is the sentence that came to your mind right now, is that it?

So, the question is  " Could masturbate be healthy? "

A study has been conducted on one of the adult sites shows that almost  30% of the American men masturbate twice a week. Actually, the number of Americans seems to be more than that but always the polls are not that accurate. However, this still a high percent.

So, What are masturbation health benefits ?

First, it would make you harder.
The more you practice, the more you are going to strengthen your penis muscle. That's just a fact. This would also prevent Dysfunction. It is recommended that you practice regularly in order to achieve the desired results.
Second, it prevents cancer.
As we already know prostate is one of the most dangerous kinds of cancers.A study conducted in Ukraine revealed that men who masturbate a lot are less likely to have prostate cancer. This seems a little bit controversial.However , some analysis suggested that there is a relation between ejaculation and cancer. Some other studies revealed that rubbing your urogenital tract regularly will function as a device that flushes the viruses out of the urogenital system.
It is important to mention that we should look at the two sides. The negative and the positive one. Maybe for some people, these are not convincing  reasons in order for them to practice this habit. However, for others, they are.       


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