Are fruit juices unhealthy ?

Are fruit juices unhealthy ?

Three is a common belief that fruit juices are healthy.In fact, they are not.Maybe it is one common mistake that we consider fruit juices as healthy drinks.
It is true that fruit juices do contain some necessary vitamins which are good for our body. However, they also contain huge amounts of sugar.

As we have discussed before, added sugar is one of the most dangerous, unhealthy ingredients that we include in our daily life.We have been always including this substance in our daily diet without knowing nothing about the damage it would cause to our health. We even add it to our morning cup of coffee and start our days with it.  
Sugar-sweetened beverages contribute by 60% to Obesity.

These unhealthy drinks that we should avoid also include soft drinks and fruit juices as well. What ? Are fruit juices unhealthy? The answer is that they are not 100%  unhealthy.However, they do include sugar. So, should I not drink fruit juices? Actually, it is highly recommended to eat the fruit itself rather than making juice of it. However, we should reduce the number of fruit drinks we drink every day. 

It is scientifically proved that sugar is one of the most dangerous ingredients that we should cut off.

This is one issue that we have been discussing in previous essays. As we said before, sugar is a deadly poisonous ingredient that we always include in our drinks and which should be cut off.

It is highly recommended that we reduce the number of sugary drinks ( which include fruit juices ) we consume every day. Soft and sports drinks are also included.

It is worth pointing out that fruit juices should not be consumed as we consume water.A lot of people drink fruit juices in order to quench their thirst and this is a bad habit that should be get rid of.


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