sugar addiction and belly fat

sugar addiction and belly fat

Belly Fat is one of the most dangerous kinds of fats which may lead to heart attacks or some metabolic problems. Belly fat is the one kind of fat that is built up around the waistline to the extent that it is would cause your health a damage or a problem .  it is also known as central obesity. In this page, we are going to talk about sugar as one major factor in building up this kind of fat around the waistline.

One thing we have to know that sugar in general and the refined one is not just causing fat. it is also unhealthy for the body as a whole. We have been always including this substance in our daily diet without knowing nothing about the damage it would cause to our health. We even add it to our morning cup of coffee and start our days with it.  

Raymond Francis, MIT scientist  & researcher says summarize it this way," Sugar is a deadly poisonous substance that should be cut off and it should also be banned by the government ".
So what are the parts of sugar and what make it unhealthy?

Sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose. The problem is that when the liver gets overloaded with these two elements due to the excessive consumption of sugar, it eventually turns all this into fat.Most of the times, into belly fat.

So, fat accumulation due to the excessive consumption of sugar would increase the belly fat around your waist which will lead to some metabolic problems.

What is worse than all is the huge amount of liquid sugar we get from drinking sugar-sweetened beverages.

Sugar-sweetened beverages contribute by 60% to Obesity.

These unhealthy drinks that we should avoid also include soft drinks and fruit juices as well. What ? Are fruit juices unhealthy? the answer is that they are not 100%  unhealthy.However, they do include sugar. So, should I not drink fruit juices? Actually, it is highly recommended to eat the fruit itself rather than making juice of it. However, we should reduce the number of fruit drinks we drink every day.  


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