the best 5 exercise for weight gain at home

 the best 5 exercise for weight gain at home

More articles about gain weight program  and advice concerning gain weight, and spread exercise to gain weight at home &how to gain a lot of weight   , but did not mention a lot to  gain weight , where many weigh down the natural rate, which forced them to address many of the fatty cuisines in vain, because the nature of their bodies to prevent them from gain weight, so heading to exercise gain size of the muscles, thus gain weight of their bodies. It also suffers some of the men of the small their bodies, which forced them not to a sense of confidence and self-esteem, lack the capacity to exercise their lives normally, push people to portray the idea of their negative, both from the health aspect, or by the strength of their bodies, although not linked to those matters body weight, so the solution lies in healthy eating which helps to rapid weight gain  , we talk about this on this article " 7 Food to how to gain weight fast " this is food to eat in order to gain weight   such as serves rich in protein and exercise special sports gain weight.

some of the exercise for weight gain at home  

exercise for weight gain at home     , to give the body healthy appearance and forces, used in these exercises weights and testing the strength of the individual, whether male or female, but care must be taken to take account of the capacity of the body, and graduation in the strength of the exercise and the size of the weights that bear, in order to avoid causing damage to your muscles  .

things to do to gain weight

lab I: roll straight, and differentiated between your feet slightly, given jobs back to move forward with the keep straight to the extent possible, and appropriate weights roomy (would prefer to consult a professional in sports to determine appropriate weight you), then lift the back to the top of a very slowly, and the ball five times, with increase of weight gradually every time .

Lab II: lie on your back, and weight in all the hands, and lift the high highest your patience, then lower the hands of each side to reach to the ground, stay slightly in this position, and prepared the ball five times, with the increase of weight each time that the possible.

Lab III: roll straight and appropriate weight in all the hands, then I yearn back forward to become parallel to the orbit, and lift your elbow will get touched to toward your head with the keep your back in positioned, then lower your elbow will get touched to the bottom, prepared the ball twelvefold.

Lab IV: lie on your abdomen, and pry your toes inward raising your body slightly, has proved to be the highest your body on the soles of your hands, then lift your body to the highest slowly and then to the bottom, and be careful not to touch thee of the land, and prepared the ball twelvefold.

Lab v: roll straight, grasp the weight in all the hands, and pry left foot forward, then lower the lean down slowly and then to the highest, and prepared the ball dozen times, and ideas with the right foot.

important observations for exercise for weight gain

exercise for weight gain day after day, to give your muscles and the opportunity to build and to increase in size.

Do not practice exercises building muscles for more than an hour.

Relax between each exercise to another.

More than drinking water during the lab.


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